Talk about a bedside manner!

“chubby” and “pussy” in the lead image, you know this story is going to be smoking hot! * * * Photo by Sarah Arista on Unsplash

Christine Stevens is tired.

You can hear all about it here, as Madeline K. channels Christine S.

So, she’s given me permission — not in a Dom/Submissive way, just regular old permission — to write a story, in her stead, and in her tired writer’s voice, about her favorite…


And if so, how much?

The very circle of life!! * * * Photo by Kim Rivers-Kirby on Unsplash

I fully expect umair haque to weigh in on this critically important issue shortly, with a blistering series of — extremely highlightable — limericks. This, even though he does tend to focus on the trivial.

Medium highlighting scholars (in no particular order) Roz Warren, Anna Marques and Kristen Stark have…


A steaming hot mess of misinformation delivered daily or whenever I feel like making shit up

Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

Dateline: Faux News from the Faux News Network in Faux News, TX

Quite possibly the best to ever play the game of tennis, Djokovic, is all up in the news with his COVID kerfuffle. Although simply agreeing to be vaccinated against COVID, as almost everyone in the world of pro…


If nothing is happening to you, don’t worry, I have the solution

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

We all know this …

Write what you know.

But, in order to know things, you have to experience things.

And, in order to experience things, you have to leave the house.

But, if you leave the house, you can’t write.

So, what’s a poor writer to do?

The Solution

I have…

So, come up to the lab …

Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

While referring to my very own pub, “Doctor Funny”, the other day in a message to a reader/writer, I was struck by the realization that “Doctor Funny” lacks a personality.

In true literary personification fashion “Doctor Funny” has taken on a life of his own (Please pardon the exclusively male…

Is that a violation of some kind?

In Medicine “path” is shorthand for “Pathology” * * * Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

I wrote this “poetic” prompt because I thought it’d be fun.

You’ll notice the word “Finishing” is in the title.

Finishing refers to completing the prompt, but “finishing” could just as easily refer to “orgasming.”

According to the word processing program that Medium uses, “orgasming” is not a word, but…

Starting the new year off with a bang

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash

I can’t list them all, so prepare to be disappointed.

But all the entries are in alphabetical order. Oh no they’re not. Yes they are. Go fuck yourself, are too.

New to “Doctor Funny”, Gaurav Jain reveals that he’s a sexist pig.

Hogan Torah cleans up around the house. Yuck!

Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)

Putting “MD” & “um” in Medium | Top Writer — humor & satire | “Doctor Funny” pub owner | “Relationalable” | ER Doc in remission |

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