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Even though it sometimes seems like being “chosen for further distribution” is the death rattle of a story, I still thrill to the experience. Who doesn’t enjoy recognition?

I’m an ER Doc pivoting to a career in the pharmaceutical industry, weirdly selected as a “top writer” in “Ideas, Satire, Humor, and This Happened To Me,” but not health or anything medicine-related. Maybe it’s good that my self-description is “ER Doc in remission.” My bio links are at the bottom of this page. Thank you for joining me here.

Date Published: July 8th, 2020

In a Publication: MuddyUm

Story Duration: 4…

Play along, it’ll be fun. I promise.

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Please send me your favorite word. Also, send me the reason it’s your fave (a one-liner will do).

Just respond with:

My favorite word is ___________.


It’s my favorite word because ___________________.

Put your answers in the comments or send me a private message.

Then something fun will happen.

You’ll be a part of it.

It’ll be relational.

P-L-E-A-S-E participate. It’s so easy. It’ll be good for you. Trust me, I’m a doctor :-)

Thank you — Cody James Howell PhD (Raiden), Eva Keiffenheim, MSc, Nia Simone McLeod, Jessica Wildfire, Lori Lamothe, Carlos Garbiras, Ryan Fan, Darrin Atkins, Donna…

A TBiaN prompt response to ‘How do you cope with stress and anxiety?’

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Most days, and with many events, I’m a devotee of ‘tragedy + time = comedy’.

If professional Jewish comedians can make Hitler jokes and sane ones can make Trump funnies, the least I can do in response to my life’s little — and not so little — aches and pains, is laugh.

That irregular, black, rapidly-enlarging, lumpy patch on my shin? When family and friends call me on it and say — while sporting a horrified expression — “have you seen a doctor about that?” I reply, “daily, when I look in the mirror.” I figure it this way, either…


Motivational speakers say it the other way around

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Six of my stories are perfect … by one narrow definition of “perfect.” In all other respects, they suc… well you’ll see in a sec and can make up your own mind.

Each of the dirty half-dozen (below) has achieved a read ratio of 100%.

Views = Reads = Perfect. Woot! fucking woot!

“Perfect,” right? Or “great” if you prefer.

Taken together, the six earned $2.34. Each story “captivated” readers for an average of 66 seconds. Together, the six roped in 289 readers.

That’s all bad right?

I wore my fingers to the bone (ha), slaving for hours over these…

Where did I go wrong? AKA — Why didn’t this story take off?

  • solid, obvious, telling title
  • witty enough
  • positive image, yipee!
  • “anal” appears in the title … twice!
  • actually transmits a smidgen of useful info
  • got OK views — 124
  • crappy read…


Can I write a story that earns zero dollars and has zero readers?

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This all started with “wombats” and led inexorably to “nudiustertian” then on to author Mesonoxian Nudiustertian.

I know. I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Here goes.

I started thinking about weird words like “wombat” and writing popular stories after reading Roz Warren’s excellent story above.

In it she offers,

“It’s not how well you write. It’s what you write about. Unless you are writing about a topic that is of universal interest (love) and not merely of interest to a tiny subsection of the population (wombats) you will not make much money here.”

That got me thinking. In a contrarian…

Michael Burg, MD

Write | Learn | Roam | Create | Think | Laugh | Connect | Top Writer x 4 | “Doctor Funny” pub | ER Doc in remission | Putting the “MD” & the “um” into Medium

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