Starting the new year off with a bang

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I can’t list them all so prepare to be disappointed.

But all the entries are in alphabetical order. Oh no they’re not. Yes they are. Go fuck yourself, are too.

New to “Doctor Funny”, Gaurav Jain reveals that he’s a sexist pig.

Hogan Torah cleans up around the house. Yuck!


Sung to the tune of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police

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Play it and sing along happily. A song for the cold & flu and never-ending COVID season.

You moron, you cretin
of COVID lunacy
You sneezed here so loudly
While standing next to me
Inside me there’s longing
To punch you in the face
Snot locker — you dumb cow
I’d like to spray my mace…


With 9,187 claps from 472 people, and 76 non-disparaging comments, it’s got to be good … right?

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Maybe I should have entitled it “This May Be the Best Medium Writing Advice Ever Written By Me”.

It’s the best writing advice I can muster; that’s for sure.

76 non-disparaging comments, that’s…

The stream team delivers pure gold!

Urine flight * * * Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett on Unsplash

I wouldn’t have believed it was possible until I saw this story. Def worth a click if you need a laugh, especially a laugh of the slightly disgusting type.

Aside from the fact that drinking one’s own urine has absolutely no medical value whatsoever, the advice to drink pee as…

It works, but …

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First, a heartfelt thanks to all my writer friends here who participated in my little experiment.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how it went down.

This story of mine was being sadly and sorely neglected.

I thought it deserved better than its truly pitiful stats indicated: 18 viewers, 2 minute…


Lacking the courage to be hostile is not a bad thing

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Once marched Pusillanimous Putz
He wanted to kick Libtard Butz
Said Butz to the Putz
“Ur just nuckin’ futz,
And you ain’t got the balls or the guts”

Try thinking instead o’ just punchin’
It’s thoughts that ya oughta be munchin’
You act like a hog
Or maybe a dog
With a bone that…

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